White Oak Town Center

White Oak, Maryland

Twenty-two acres along Route 29 between the intersections of Industrial Parkway and Tech Road are primed for a transformation from a sleepy industrial site to ‘White Oak Town Center’ – a vibrant, mixed-use community. Phase 1, encompassing eight acres closest to Route 29, comprises of two buildings – a two-story retail structure along Industrial Parkway and a multifamily apartment building further north featuring ground floor retail including a national grocery chain. Together their programs provide the elemental ingredients necessary for fashioning an engaging, vibrant mixed-use community. The retail has been sized and planned to accommodate the diverse needs of today’s tenants. The residential provides an important captive market that not only benefits from the surrounding retail but provides feet on the ground 24/7. Together this will form the crux of a burgeoning community that seeks to live, work, and play at White Oak.

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