Whole Foods Market, Wynnewood

“… a transformative project that will define the character (of that part of Lower Merion Township) for generations to come.” — Chris Leswing, Lower Merion Township Director of Planning


Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

MV+A has created a dynamic new Whole Foods Market building in Lower Marion Township, Pennsylvania. The building takes advantage of site conditions by using the change in grade from East Wynnewood Road, the town’s main thoroughfare and Lancaster Avenue that allows MV+A to tuck a level of structured parking under the main level of the store. The front door of the store is accessed from a small parking lot from East Wynnewood Road. At street level on Lancaster Avenue is a small café that created a grand staircase that connects to outdoor café seating and landscape areas and escalators that lead up to the main level of the store. A grand staircase also connects the sidewalk to the elevated main level of the store. This pedestrian connection, an easy walk from the Wynnewood train station, enlivens the streetscape with two stories of glass, a bronze-colored, columned arcade, and local stone retaining walls. This multilevel design also creates opportunities with the store for a variety of food venues and gathering spaces, making the store a community hub as well as a shopping experience.

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