Falls Church, Virginia

The design of this mixed-use project reinforces the strong urban architecture of the nearby Washington Street fa├žades. The 300,000-square-foot project is an infill development that takes advantage of the allowable density and close proximity to major commercial centers. The building mass is broken into varied volumes to compensate for the steep sloping site and to reduce the impact of the building mass on the adjoining properties. The attached townhouses buffer the height between the building and the neighboring single-family homes. To promote the benefits of living and working in one place, the design locates retail and restaurant spaces on the first floor. Townhomes, second-story office space, and four levels of apartments comprise the remainder of the building. This LEED-certified project takes advantage of access to public transportation, maximizes the open spaces, and reduces the heat island effect by locating parking in two levels underground. Energy-saving devices include a green roof, highly efficient mechanical units, state-of-the-art plumbing fixtures and recycling systems, and indigenous plant materials that require no water after initial use.

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