Cabin John Shopping Center

Potomac, MD

MV+A has a long history with the Cabin John Shopping Center site in Potomac, MD – the firm has been working on redevelopment concepts as far back as 2009 and through changes in ownership! In addition to exploring future plans for the site, renovating office buildings, and creating façade concept designs, MV+A has recently designed two new pad site retail buildings at the shopping center.

The new buildings add an additional 10,000 SF of retail and four fast-casual restaurants to Cabin John Village, with a roughly 2,000 SF courtyard connecting the two buildings. A variety of materials, from board-formed concrete to shou sugi ban wood siding, give the new buildings a crisp, modern feel, and served as inspiration for an update to the rest of the center. Unfortunately, pad sites commonly feature buildings with unrelated architecture appearing as a hodgepodge front to a retail development. Cabin John, however, was carefully planned and designed so the two buildings and spaces between them appear as part of a larger whole while allowing individual tenants a unique expression and identity.

Completed in 2018 for our client EDENS, the pad sites act as a new entrance feature, helping to ensure continued success for Cabin John Village, which has been serving this Potomac neighborhood for over fifty years.

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