Atherton Mill

Charlotte, NC

Just two miles from downtown Charlotte and connected by light rail and a bike path, Atherton is an 8.4‑acre site in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. MV+A has designed a mixed‑use retail and residential project that expands upon existing retail offerings to create a vibrant addition to the community. The new construction adds 60,000 square feet of retail and 350 rental apartments to the 56,000 square feet of existing retail, all parked with nearly 1,000 surface and structured parking spaces. The architecture of the new building relates to the historic Atherton Mill located just to the north of the site. While the façade facing the mill building borrows from the traditional architecture of the mill, the façade along South Boulevard utilizes a more contemporary interpretation with a patterned weaving of vertical red brick piers and horizontal dark brick bands. At the south end, the white precast parking structure that parks the residential program is kept calm to allow the retail storefronts to pop from the façade.

The new mixed‑use residential and retail project at Atherton in Charlotte provides an opportunity to blend modern and traditional styles to create a lively mixed‑use community.


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