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NPR: The Kojo Nnamdi Show
The Evolution of the Urban Grocery Store

Follow the link below to listen as partner Jim Voelzke, FAIA, Roger Lewis, FAIA, and NPR host Kojo Nnamdi discuss well-designed grocery stores’ pivotal role in DC’s urban landscape.

NPR Kojo Nnamdi Walmart

“Grocery stores are starting to become more than just a place to buy food. Thanks in part to welcoming facades and inviting social spaces, the supermarket’s place in the DC region has never been more important.”

NPR Store Concept WFM | P Street, Washington, DC
WFM | P Street, Washington, DC

“Big grocery stores, with large surface parking lots and unwieldy loading docks, find a more natural home in the suburbs. But in recent years, architects have found ways to fit large stores like Whole Foods, Giant, and even Walmart into city blocks, integrating them with the urban fabric in surprising and innovative ways. These new stores also have become important parts of the urban lifestyle for many Washingtonians. We talk about the way grocery stores in urban areas have had a physical and social impact on the Washington region.” – NPR, February 24, 2016