Harini Chandrasekhar

Architectural Designer

Harini is a key player in the major design phases at MV+A, ranging from conceptual schematics to construction documents. Her design worldview is shaped by her belief that architecture is a constant attempt to create beauty, while also incorporating creative problem-solving to enhance the everyday lives of people in a community. She is licensed with the Council of Architecture in India and an Accredited Practitioner with the Indian Green Building Council.

After graduating from the College of Engineering Trivandrum in India, Harini earned her Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech. Her Master’s thesis dealt with creating spaces that awaken the playfulness of the inner child, based on the popular children’s book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. She was originally a summer intern with MV+A in 2019 but was quickly hired to become a permanent member of the team upon graduation. Outside of the office, Harini enjoys animated movies, Indian film music, good food, and great wine.”