Reflections on COVID-19 and MV+A

DESIGN BRIEF | April 2020


Reflections from our Principals on COVID-19 and MV+A

“Our commitment to our communities remains as strong as ever. Priority one is keeping everyone at MV+A safe and healthy. We quickly adapted to a work from home policy, working within well-planned models that are working seamlessly. Priority two is to maintain the values that drive MV+A, an unceasing drive to serve our clients, our projects and the communities we work in. I am proud to say that everyone at MV+A has been espousing those values every day during these challenging times.”

– Jim Voelzke, FAIA, LEED AP

“As we roll into our sixth week of D.C.’s stay-at-home order, I am continually impressed with our staff’s ability to adapt to new situations while maintaining the highest levels of performance. It’s obvious the entire staff takes a great deal of pride in their work as we have adapted to our individual work from home strategies while maintaining our office’s core sense of team, community and friendship.”

– Russell Zung, AIA, LEED AP