Authentic Redesign for Charlotte’s Atherton Mill


Charlotte, North Carolina

MV+A has collaborated on Charlotte’s distinctive Atherton Mill site, working with Edens, Dwell Design Studio, and Crescent Communities to ensure a high-caliber design that authentically complements the historic site. MV+A designed the master plan for the complex (350 apartments, 60,000 SF of retail, and 800 spaces of structured parking), along with design of the retail and parking, and residential and retail facade design. The design maximizes volume and density within historic parameters, with special attention paid to the aesthetic of the building envelope and the establishment of immersive retail.

Atherton Mill | Charlotte, NC

The Northeast Corner perspective, above, runs adjacent to South Boulevard, one of Charlotte’s major thoroughfares. Located next to the historic Atherton Mill, the new building is sensitive to the early 20th century design of the landmark Parks-Cramer building. The design follows a historical archetype of multi-level masonry industrial buildings of the 1920’s. MV+A worked to create the look and feel of a historic industrial building that could have been converted into a present-day use.

Atherton Mill | Charlotte, NC

In contrast, the Northwest perspective (above) highlights a more modern building volume, separated from the “historic” form by a large courtyard. This reduces the overall mass of the development while creating a varied street wall opposite the historic Park-Cramer building.

Vlad Susic


With MV+A for over three years, Vlad’s expertise is section detailing. He works on some aspect of almost every project that we are currently working on at MV+A.

On free time:
“There’s nothing better than being with friends, but I also play guitar and write my own music, mostly in the style of classic rock.”

On home:
“I came here from Serbia thirty years ago. but my great-grandfather came to the United States for 30 years, then went back to Serbia, so I like to think of myself as an ‘Old American.”