We Collaborate with Many of the Best

MAY 2016

Mid-Atlantic Region

Being DC’s retail experts, MV+A has the opportunity to collaborate with many of the best architects in the country on mixed-use projects. Our clients include us on their design teams to provide the retail expertise needed to make these projects a success, knowing that having the best possible design team, working together, brings a creative energy to the project that a single firm might not achieve.

Collaborate North Bethesda Market | North Bethesda, MD
Collaborate North Bethesda Market | North Bethesda, MD
At Fort Totten Art Place, in collaboration with Shalom Baranes Architects, MV+A designed the lower two retail floors of the building.

Collaboration challenges us to constantly work at the top of our game, bringing our expertise and vision to the team, without expecting total design control.  Ultimately, this brings about the most exciting, vibrant developments for our clients and the city.

In-line retail storefronts were designed to create a bold and active streetscape on Rockville Pike. The Galvan base building architecture and landscape are by Hord Coplan Macht.
Graphics Collaborate North Bethesda Market | North Bethesda, MD
North Bethesda Market signage.

Clients continue to rely on our retail expertise, and understand that we know how to be team players, focusing on the quality of the design and sharing of ideas, not looking for individual credit on a project.  We believe that working with other talented architects only makes our work better.

At The Apollo, under construction, MV+A worked with SKI to create a seamless transition between their upper building design and our design of the first two floors. This project anchors an important corner on the dynamic H Street retail corridor.
305 East Altamonte Drive, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
WFM | Altamonte Springs, FL