NPR Features: A Conversation About Urban Walmart

NEWS    |  APRIL 2015

Washington, District of Columbia

Walmart 77 H Street | Washington, DC
View of 77H from the perspective of the historic Government Printing Offices.

A recent NPR feature, “The Urban Neighborhood Walmart: A Blessing Or A Curse” features MV+A’s 77 H project. The discussion points out the distinctions between this project and the typical suburban box store:

“The corner of First and H streets in downtown Washington, D.C., is a reflection of the changing face of the nation’s capital. From here, you can see the Capitol dome, while across the street are a concrete public housing complex and a hip new Peruvian chicken restaurant.

You can also see a new Walmart.

NPR Kojo Nnamdi Walmart
NPR Kojo Nnamdi Walmart

With wide, flat windows and exposed brick, it blends subtly into the surrounding urban architecture. The sleek building defies all stereotypes of the big-box store as most picture it: a monolith of consumerism, an island surrounded by the sprawl of a parking lot, tucked away in the suburbs.”

Learn more about MV+A’s successful mixed-use project at the 77H Street project page.

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