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For over 30 years, we’ve been committed to creating the best possible built environment. We’ve worked closely with clients to transform mixed-use projects into vibrant, livable communities; to revitalize urban commercial corners; and to restore an historic theatre.

Our clients appreciate our solutions—cutting-edge, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious.

The MV+A approach benefits our clients—we’re creative but pragmatic; detail-oriented and adhering to tight budgets; developing complex urban plans, while advocating for our clients at every phase of the project.

Well-established, yet young in spirit, our firm ventures into a fourth decade with clients who choose us, trust us, and get our absolute dedication.

Our Approach

MV+A Architects provides stellar service to clients who keep coming back. We offer only the full range of services, so that we can see how the whole project fits together—from the viewpoint of design, business, construction, and the environment.

Our in-depth experience addresses every phase of the project—from obtaining entitlements, concept planning and design, through production, construction, and project close-out. Consequently, we can integrate strong design, impeccable technical expertise, and meticulous project execution. We know how each phase of the project fits together and how to work with all members of a development team.

Partners' Profiles

Jim's Portrait

Jim Voelzke, AIA, LEED AP

James Voelzke, AIA, LEED AP joined MV+A in early 1994 and was named partner in 1998. Mr. Voelzke received his Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Science from The Catholic University of America. He has been responsible for the design and project management of numerous major projects including mixed use developments, new town centers, food stores, shopping centers, and office buildings. He has the background of a well-rounded architect with excellent design and technical skills.

Lila's Portrait

Lila Firouzfar, AIA, LEED AP

Lila Firouzfar, AIA, LEED AP is a partner with extensive experience in design and construction of commercial, institutional, residential and mixed-use projects. Ms. Firouzfar received her Master of Architecture and Urban Design from École Des Beaux-Arts, Strasbourg. Early in her career her work included the conceptual design of large commercial and institutional buildings. Since moving to the United States in 1984, Ms. Firouzfar has worked extensively on a variety of projects throughout
the East Coast.

Jack's Portrait

Jack W. Hollon, AIA

Jack Hollon, AIA is a partner with extensive experience in urban design, planning, architecture and concept design. Mr. Hollon received his Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie-Mellon University. He has been responsible for numerous award winning large-scale commercial, planning, residential, and mixed-use projects. He is particularly experienced with retail projects that include entertainment and hospitality, as well as planning and commercial solutions using traditional urban design concepts.

Allen's Portrait

Allen Mushinsky, AIA

Principal Emeritus Allen Mushinsky, AIA founded Mushinsky Associates in 1979 and retired at the end of 2011. Mr. Mushinsky received his Master of Architecture from The Catholic University of America and his Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University. He brought expertise to his new firm in the design of large commercial, residential, mixed-use developments, shopping centers, and industrial parks. He has a reputation for superior technical capabilities, particularly in the construction document phase, in which he incorporates multiple layers of review as well as cost value engineering.


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